Einzel Female in United States, Singles in Florida, maimi Female

Gladyswesrton: searching for my soul mate...
Ich suche: Männlich Alter 41 zu 66
Status: 40 Single Gerade Weiblich
Interessiert an: Langzeitbeziehung
Ethnizität: Weiß/Kaukasisch
Leben: Lebe alleine
Blickfang: Haar
Höhe: 5'5 Zoll
Karosserie: Durchschnittlich
Haare Augen: Afro, Schwarz
Rauch: Auf keinen Fall
Getränk: Fassen Sie es niemals an
Übung 2 mal in der Woche
Politik: Keiner
Bildung: Bachelorabschluss
Religion: Christian
Einkommen: Weniger als 15.000 $
Besetzung: Hairdresser
Nachwuchs: Keiner
Persönlichkeit: Schüchtern
Land: United States

I am very calm and mild person. I can listen to people attentively and help them with a piece of advice. I am balanced and dont like shouting or fights. It is very easy to be around me. People say that I am a good friend and will be a good wife and mother.

I think that everything that happens happens for the best! That is why I live each day, enjoying every bit of it. I am a mixture of different interests I like driving a lot and cooking as well. Doing sports and riding a bike. Wanna go on a trip with me?