I am 52, 53 in May. I am Widowed a Year as of April this year.It has been a Hard Year. But My Life for the Last 10 years has been Very challenging. In 2009 on my way home from work. I was rearended b

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Ich suche: Männlich Alter 46 zu 57
Status: 59 Geschieden Gerade Weiblich
Interessiert an: Langzeitbeziehung
Ethnizität: Weiß/Kaukasisch
Leben: Lebe alleine
Blickfang: Augen
Höhe: 5'6 Zoll
Karosserie: Groß und Einlage
Haare Augen: Blond, Gemischte Farbe
Rauch: Ja, ich rauche
Getränk: Gelegentlich
Übung 4 Mal in der Woche
Politik: Auf dem Zaun
Bildung: Einige College
Religion: Christian
Einkommen: $15,001 bis $25,000
Besetzung: Geriatrichospice Car
Nachwuchs: Keiner
Persönlichkeit: Verrückt sexy cool
Land: United States

I am 52, 53 in May. I am Widowed a Year as of April this year.It has been a Hard Year. But My Life for the Last 10 years has been Very challenging. In 2009 on my way home from work. I was rearended by a car. After a car pulled in front of me. I was a a dead stop an she hit me they say 4550MPH. She didnt just total my car but Me. I was put in a drug induced coma for a month, when they try to bring me out. They realized from the meds given to me, I was also in a Diabetic coma. After another week I woke up. IN HELL. I was not able to do anything or remember anything or anyone, I had Severe Neuropathy and injuries from accident , cracked sternum and severely torn ligaments in both ankles an had to wear braces I was lifted by a machine for a Year an had to relearn everything All over again.It was a battle that My Family an the Man I spent the last 3 plus years with then to using a fork. There was no standing or even feeling anything but pain in my legs for the 1st year; My immune system went to Hell also.I had a Team of Drs that did a procedurein HospitalI was in Hospitals an 3 different Nursing Homes by then. I had IVIG done. To boost my immune system an Drs hoped it would help with My neuropathy and pain levels an ability to get my nerves to fire, in order for me to get feeling in my extremities. Well it worked better then they imagined, within 2 weeks I was able to start standing, feeding myself etc, unfortunately when my nerves did fire My pain levels went higher, with medications an a drive from Me to get Home.The Man with whom I was with those 3 plus years b4 accident NEVER gave up on me. Was by my side the whole time. Chris he fought with me to survive more then Anyone. I did get home. Still was in a wheelchair an Not able to walk but got Home an continued my fight to get as close to Normal as willingly possible. In saying All that it has been a uphill battle since. I still have residual injuries an have blocks of time in memory of times in My Life I dont recall but it is nothing compared to 2009 when I remembered Nothing. I am a Stronger Woman for the trials an tribulations I have gone through. Then I was hit with another blow that was Not imaginable. The Strongest Man I have known. Fell ill. It only took 3 weeks of finding out till he passed away last year April 5th. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon, Stomach Cancer but it was so aggressive that cancer cells were already everywhere. He was in Moffitt but they did All they could. I have spent the Last Year grieving, moving to a place close to town. An adjusting My Life to a New situation and World.I now Live by myself with my dog Weezy, got her just b4 my accident an she has been withus Me since.She is a Dappled Datsun who thinks she is 2 still. Well I have told you these things about me. Not for Pity or to feel Sorry for me. I have found a place in My Heart for Chris where he will Not be forgotten an may rest peacefully. An as for my accident. It should be known to Someone interested in me to know. I am able to do things but I cant walk up steps I will never mountain bike or climb or even walk barefoot on a beach. I just am being fair to a Man who may be lookin for a Woman who can do these things. I use a Cane or walker for short basic things. Like being at home. I use a wheelchair still for long distance things because I cannot walk long distances. But. I still remained Me but Stronger at Heart. I still Laugh A lot and enjoy Life . BTW exersize to me is therapy. Like now. I recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery. I have therapy 4 times a week to strengthen mya wrist etc. I have to do a lot of things people wouldnt consider exercise but it is to me. So Im not a go to the gym workout, it is different for me. I have a recumbent bike I use at home, I use my wheelchair 3to 4 times a week to use my legs to exercise 2 plus miles. I have low Vit D. My body doesnt retain it. So, building muscle is Very difficult. I have Never been thin, well after HS I started gaining weight. I figured cuz I played sports an did A lot more activities b4 I graduated then I started working a lot an less activities. But come to find out MANY YEARS later like 25 years later it was my thyroid. I take meds for it now but my weight still goes up an down due to medicine. I am a chunkey Woman. But I take care of me and am Happy with who I am an will be.

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